Brunei Gastronomy Week

The Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism launched the Brunei Gastronomy Week on the 19th February 2020 at the Dewan Setia Pahlawan Hall of Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism. This is an annual initiative by the the Brunei Tourism Board and Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism. This is the 4th Brunei Gastronomy Week organized in conjunction with the 36th National Day celebration.

Officiating the launching of the Brunei Gastronomy Week was the Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism, Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Ali bin Apong. Also present at the official launching ceremony were Foreign Dignitaries, Members of Brunei Tourism Board, Permanent Secretary and Deputy Permanent Secretaries of Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, Restaurants, Hoteliers and Travel Agencies.

The objective of the event is to celebrate Brunei and create an awareness on the Bruneian Cuisine; to encourage more hotels and restaurants to serve the Bruneian cuisines in a more sophisticated way; to further improve on the taste and elevate the presentation of Bruneian dishes to be served as part of a fine dining experience or at receptions held within or outside the country; to provide a unique Bruneian gastronomical experience to visitors within or outside Brunei.

The theme for Brunei Gastronomy Week 2020 is “All about Coconuts”. Coconut is an ingredient widely used in Bruneian cuisines such as in our rice, chicken and vegetable dishes.

There are 12 hotels and restaurant companies including the national carrier Royal Brunei Airlines participating in Brunei Gastronomy Week. Throughout the two (2) week period, participating restaurants will be promoting their own signature dishes such as Slow Cooked Beef by Radisson Hotel, Grilled Prawn with Coconut Kerabu by Mulia Hotel and Coconut Salad by Eco Ponies.

The participating agencies for the Brunei Gastronomy Week 2020 are Eco Ponies Garden; The Longhouse Training Restaurant, School of Hospitality and Tourism, Institute of Brunei Technical Education School; Mulia Hotel; Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam; Royal Brunei Airlines; Anjung Saujana Restaurant, Dynasty Restaurant, Seasons Restaurant and The Horizons Seafood Restaurant of Royal Brunei Catering; StarLodge; The Capital Residence Suites; and The Rizqun International Hotel. Certificate of participation were presented by Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Ali bin Apong, Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism to all participating agencies.

The event was also followed by an Award Ceremony for the Brunei Gastronomy Week 2019 participants. Awards were presented for Best Taste – The Rizqun International Hotel; Best Presentation – The Horizons Seafood Restaurant; Royal Brunei Catering; Most Creative – The Brunei Hotel; Most Innovative – Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam; and Most Wholesome – Eco Ponies Garden.

Chef Rizal from The Rizqun International Hotel stated in interview that “Brunei Gastronomy Week is a great opportunity for the Chefs to produce new menus and use ingredients and methods which may not be known to diners. For a Young Chef, it is also a learning experience to understand traditional recipes and ways of cooking. It allows them to innovate and create new dishes from traditional cuisines and present them in a different manner”.

Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam expressed their appreciation for being awarded for the Most Innovative, “This achievement underlines that we believe anything is possible for our team. At Radisson Hotel, we are many minds with one mindset in consistently delivering hospitality that’s inspired, imaginative and focused on our guests’ well-being and expectations. Our culinary workforce is driven by voices of people from different backgrounds and aspirations, so we strive to create a place where everyone can express their authentic selves through our innovative dishes. We would like to congratulate all participants and wish everyone continued success on this journey”.

Meanwhile Amirul Syafiq bin Hamdan, a student from School of Hospitality and Tourism, Institute of Brunei Technical Education School observed that their participation in Brunei Gastronomy Week is an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills, “It is an amazing opportunity to celebrate Brunei and its delicacies. As students, we are able to showcase our skills and talents based on the dishes that we have chosen to serve”.

The soft launch ‘Brunei Gastronomic Cuisine – Unique Bruneian Flavours’ was also held during the event. The publication was produced by Astera Consultant and Syensai Design & Co supported the Tourism Development Department under the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism. The book pays homage to the beautiful fare prepared and served over the years in the quest to define Bruneian flavours and refine the art of Bruneian cuisine.

Books will be available in June from Syensai Design & Co at the Airport Mall at $25.00 per copy. For further details contact: 2341713 or visit their IG@bruneigastronomy

Members of the public are encouraged to experience the Brunei Gastronomy from the 23rd February until the 8th March 2020 in participating hotels and restaurants.

The Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism has collaborated with the Brunei Hotels Association of Hotels to invite several hotels and restaurants in Brunei Darussalam and Royal Brunei Airlines to participate in this yearly event. The actual event will commence starting from 23rd February to the 8th March 2020 at all the participating hoteliers and restaurants. The target audience predominantly consists of local as well as international visitors who are currently in the country.

The event was supported by Brunei Tourism Board, Brunei Association of Hotels, Association of Travel Agents Brunei, Astera Consultant, Syensai Design & Co, Royal Brunei Airlines, Radio Television Brunei (RTB) and local media.

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