Thai Tourism Minister visits Japanese Art exhibition in Bangkok

H.E. Mr. Weerasak Kowsurant, Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports, today visited a new exhibition currently on display at the Bangkok National Museum to celebrate 130 years of Thai-Japanese diplomatic relations.

“The History of Japanese Art: Life and Faith’ is the first-ever art exhibition in Thailand that showcases a collection of antiques and artworks from all eras of Japan, from the pre-historic Jōmon period to the historic Edo period.

The exhibition features a total of 130 antiques and artworks, including three rare objects that are also listed as national treasures and 25 cultural heritages.

The exhibition is aimed at promoting Japanese culture in Thailand, as well as to helping to strengthen the bond between Thailand and Japan even further.

During the visit, H.E. Mr. Weerasak also inspected facilities for people with disabilities to ensure that universal access to all visitors.

“The History of Japanese Art: Life and Faith’ is being held at the Bangkok National Museum from now until 18 February.

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