TAT in collaboration with Airasia and Bangkok Airways

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in conjunction with AirAsia, Bangkok Airways and VietJet Air launch a new campaign ‘Mega Deal to Thailand…Travel Is a Big Deal” to encourage tourists from ASEAN countries, especially Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos, with special price tickets from the three airlines to pull ASEAN tourists to Thailand in Q4 as well as to strengthen the relationship in ASEAN. Open for reservation from today until 31 December 2018.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) disclosed the increasing number of foreign tourists visiting Thailand by 11% or around 2 million tourists compared to the previous year. The three most visited ASEAN countries to Thailand are Malaysia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam totaling over 5,628,156 tourists. It is a group of countries that can facilitate easy travels in a short time and having similarities in culture, food and languages.

‘Mega Deal to Thailand…Travel Is a Big Deal’ is a proactive campaign to stimulate tourism in Thailand. The three airlines have cooperated with TAT to encourage both tourists and businessmen to visit the land of smiles and experience the new shades of Thailand tourism.

AirAsia revealed that the airline is pleased to contribute to the growth of Thailand tourism with this new campaign. Thailand is a destination that responds to the lifestyle of everyone, whether a shopper, a foodie, or a cultural and leisure-seeker. This campaign will stimulate travelers especially from ASEAN countries to experience Thailand in more variety, which is in line with this year TAT’s main campaign ‘Open to the New Shades.

Bangkok Airways also pointed out that Thailand is one of the top countries that is regarded as the beautiful destination. Whether Chiang Mai, Krabi or Phuket, it is surrounded by beautiful scenery. In addition, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, not only offers a great shopping experience and beautiful culture, but it is also a gateway to welcoming international flights operated by Bangkok Airways. It will help boost up the movement of Thai tourism, especially from the ASEAN region. At the same time, the domestic route also has various destinations from the top cities to the secondary cities that TAT has also been promoting this market. This could create a good impact.

For This cooperation, VietJet Air regards this campaign as a key strategy for the growth of Thai tourism. All the cities have unique local experiences waiting to be delivered to tourists. VietJet Air is also offering the great deals to travelers from all 6 ASEAN countries and willing to be one of the partners to promote Thailand tourism.

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